Black Field

“A Brontë-esque tale of two sisters and the mysterious male who romances them both. Writer-director Danishka Esterhazy gets the feel of a rugged prairie life just right." - Variety

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Kyle Riabko: The Lead

Spring Awakening – New York’s hottest show. Groundbreaking. Tony award-winning. Starring a dynamic cast of astoundingly gifted young performers. And it’s about to be taken over by a kid from Saskatchewan.

Kyle Riabko: The Lead is a thrilling TV documentary following aspiring musician Kyle Riabko as he takes a detour from his dream of becoming a rock star to take on the lead r...

The Sharing Circle
The original concept behind The Sharing Circle was to share the centuries old understanding of spiritual balance between all of the Creators' creations and relate this understanding to contemporary life. The idea was introduced by my Grandfather and spiritual leader, Don Daniels, and has been an integral part of the show since the begging. Don Daniels is from Lon Plains First Nation in Sout...
APCMAs 2009
The Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2009, hosted by Lorne Cardinal, honours the best in Aboriginal music from across North America as chosen by the people. This spectacular gala event features performances by Buffy Sainte-Marie, Wayne Lavallee, Sierra Noble, Crystal Shawanda and more!

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Harold Hatcher Seven Teachings Projects

last modified on May 25th, 2012

Harold Hatcher Seven Teachings Projects

The Seven Teachings Project celebrates the diversity of Canadian society by exploring some of the beliefs and practices of Canada's original peoples; in particular, Ojibway culture.

As in all cultures, Ojibway adults and elders instill moral values in the young through a series of teachings, called The Seven Teachings. But unlike other cultures, the teachings are, in turn, associated with a different animnal, which helps to flesh out the meaning of a paritcular teaching. They are as follows: Love, represented by the Eagle; Respect represented by the Buffalo; Courage, represented by the Bear;Honesty, reprsented by Sabe, or Bigfoot; Wisdom represented by the Beaver; Humility, represented by the Wolf; Truth, represented by the Turtle.

Ten students from Harold Hatcher Elementary School were taken out to Dave Courchene, Jr.'s Turtle Lodge on Sagkeeng First Nation. It was there that the students received a Spirit Name and were bestowed the honor of being a Keeper for one of the Seven Teachings. As Keeper of the Teachings, the students took on the responsibility for portraying the spirit of that teaching in a series of vignettes, or scenes. Each keeper had a chance to introduce each vignette and narrate the action. The other students acted as crew persons and as actors.

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